The “Ward Manor” is a Victorian farmhouse built in the 1880’s in Ridgeville, Ontario, by the Ward family. Having served many purposes over the year, the building was brought closer to its original purpose as a family home when it transferred to new ownership in 2013.


The history of this Victorian era manor is present throughout every room of the home. With special attention to preserving the heritage of the building, new upgrades were made to re-ignite some life into its walls. The home features a wide mix of styles, with elegant, regal finishings in the family, dining and bedrooms, reminiscent of the era of its construction, and more modern upgrades and finishing in areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Key Challenges

The original stairway was maintained in the front foyer while opening up the upper cathedral. The project was also unique in that it involved the excavation and connection of two separate basements into one. The back gallery/wine room is now an attractive mix of exposed original ceiling joists and re-pointed brick walls.

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