It’s a complete package

Having a Tucker home built is about being taken care of. It’s knowing that the luxury living space that’s been custom-designed for you and your family will be built with the skill and care of craftsmen.

It’s about working with people that care about developing solid working relationships by being empathetic, straightforward and responsive right from the start.

Our design-build projects are a complete, turn-key service so you can just sit back and enjoy the process, knowing that every single detail will be taken care of too, right up to the big, beautiful reveal. From scheduling any additional designers or governing bodies to giving you the time and help you need to choose your finishes, we’ll make sure it all gets done as needed.

If you’re thinking of a renovation project or having a new home built, feel free to read through the steps below to learn more about what you could expect along the way.

Step One

What’s Your Vision?

Let’s discuss the possibilities

We always look forward to meeting people for the first time because it’s an exciting time, full of possibility. And it may just be the start of what will be a great working relationship and another beautiful home.

We schedule our meeting as a visit to your home, particularly for a renovation, to hear everything you’re thinking of for your ideal home. We’ll take a walk around the home, take basic measurements and discuss the scope and timeline of the project in very broad strokes. In this way, you can get an idea of which aspects might work best for you and a rough idea of the budget you’d be looking at.

If you feel our ideas are in line with your vision and you think you may like to move forward with us, we would draw up a proposal to outline the basic components of the project as discussed, including a firm quote on the design phase. If you’re in agreement with the Design Contract, we’ll start the design phase.

Step Two

Design Concepts

Design-forward ideas that work.

The design stage is a collaborative process, where your dream home or renovation takes form, usually by way of a number of meetings, phone calls, and emails. We’ll work through the project offering insightful design ideas with a builder’s knowledge of what will work, and eventually produce your concept elevations and floor plans.

We work fluently in a diverse range of architectural styles and offer a range of possibilities in building materials: wood, steel, brick, foam and concrete products, like insulated concrete forms (ICF).

With your concept drawings completed and approved by you, we move on to produce a construction-ready, permit-ready set of drawings. With these we can consult with an HVAC designer to get an idea of heating and ventilation costs. Then we’ll have a final design phase meeting to present the drawings to you with a firm quote on the cost of your project and a contract to move into permit approvals, scheduling and construction.

Step Three


Craftsmanship, craftsmanship, craftsmanship.

Tucker Homes is founded on a long line of carpenters and because of that we have always held true craftsmanship as a strong piece of our identity.

You’ll see this reflected in the many areas of our process where meticulous attention to detail is key to the end result, but most notably, you’ll see it in the quality of our construction work. Whether it’s in the finishing details or laying a foundation, we uphold an unequivocal, team-wide commitment to excellence in workmanship.

During construction, there’s still collaboration going on, as we’re in regular communication, getting your scheduled choices on finishes, giving you updates and just touching base.

You’re always welcome to visit the construction site at any point in the process. Any worker on site will be able to answer questions in their area of expertise and have a site supervisor get in touch with you on areas outside their work.

Step Four


Project management expertise to see it all through.

When the project is substantially complete, we’ll schedule a full walk through with you to receive approval and note any items which may still need to be addressed.

With the remaining items set to be completed by a given date, we’ll ask for you to sign off on the project completion. In truth, there are rarely any significant issues arising at this point as we’ve been in close contact with you throughout the profect and any concerns will have been addressed and resolved long before this point.

But it’s still a moment of truth for us, and a big milestone for all of us – the culmination of our efforts and the beginning of what we hope will be a new phase of life for you and your family. We hope you’re thrilled with the results, and we’ll certainly do what’s needed until you are!

Step Five

Extended care

Making sure you’re taken care of, even long down the road.

We understand the construction or renovation of a home is a big decision for families, and one of the most expensive ones you may ever make. We’ve worked hard up until this point to build a great working relationship and we don’t plan on it ending.

If you have any issues or problems that arise in the materials or workmanship of your project, please contact our office as soon as possible. We will appreciate the chance to make it right, potentially learn about our products and practices, and get your home to the standard it should be.

We are a Tarion-registered Home Builder, however in many areas we provide coverage on our workmanship that goes beyond Tarion requirements. We work with a wide range of products and so offer a wide range of material warranties, but the average warranty period is approx. 5 years. Please get in touch for specific details.

Let’s Start

Have a question or an idea you’d like to discuss? Just give us a call, email or fill out the contact form. Chances are, you’ll be happy you did.

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