Skilled Trades in High Demand

As the construction industry continues to evolve, the demand for skilled tradespeople with a deep understanding of building science and high-performance construction techniques is on the rise. The days of building homes with simple materials and traditional construction methods are long gone. Today's buildings require a higher level of precision, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, and to meet these demands, we need skilled and well-trained tradespeople more than ever before.

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Maibec Wood Siding Review

Wood siding is not something everyone is after, it tends to come with homeowner’s concern for maintenance, degradation and replacement. This is why vinyl products have become the most popular siding product in North America, it’s cheap, it’s plastic, and it lasts long. It takes a particular person to interest themselves in wood, which as we all know is not your average siding product. As a builder interested in creating beautiful craftsman homes, we often use wood siding and consider it to be the best for both curb appeal and building. For the best of the best, we always use wood siding from Quebec-based Maibec.

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Insulation Options to Save Money

This winter was very cold , so cold it made Enbridge re-consider their natural gas rates for the future, and as of April 1, Enbridge customers can expect a 40% increase in their bills. Add to this to the 100% increase in propane prices this winter, oil which increases with corporate greed, and electricity which only gets more expensive as Ontario’s Green Energy Act takes more effect. No matter how you heat your home, it is expensive and it’s acceptable to assume that these rates will only increase as natural resources are slowly consumed.

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