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Home Renovation in Wainfleet, ON

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A repeat customer for Tucker, this client underwent their third home renovation in 2012. Their growing family needed additional living and dining space, a completely renovated kitchen to host family dinners and a formal living room for entertaining.


We worked with the owner and designer to design the new living/dining room. The smartest place to build the space was actually on top of the attached garage. This gave perfect access to the kitchen and provided just the right separation from the rest of the home.

Key Challenges

The homeowners were hoping to have the project completed in time for Christmas dinner, for which we promised we would be ready. The entire project from start to finish was completed in a matter of 6 weeks, the site crew was hard at work as they removed the garage roof and re-framed the addition in efficient order. The site was organized chaos as we managed the trades and interior finishing in order to meet our tight deadline. Christmas dinner was served without delay.

The Results

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